If I become a president

Before starting, if I become a president I‘m not saying that my country will be the best country ever, but I will mention some points that I think will be making things better.

Being president it’s a huge responsibility, First of all, knowledge and culture are the most powerful weapons that the country can have, Our education system in Tunisia is not one of which we should be very proud of. Yes, Tunisia does have excellent schools, colleges, and learning institutions, but our standards are not set as high as other countries, so I think I will focus and study how to improve the education system and methods.

If I become president, I would also make sure that everyone in this country will be treated equally and fairly, and rules need to be enforced if necessary, Every Tunisian deserves the right to be treated with equality and fairness whether they are male or female, old or young, wherever from the north or the south.

Finally, I think that a good and clean environment will make people more happy and productive, I will make sure to make my country clean and pretty.