Anger management

Anger control is important for helping you avoid saying or doing something you may regret, For me, I consider myself a person that doesn’t get anger easily but once I get angry I can be a very bad person and I‘m regretting some decisions I made.

So I learned some tricks that helped me to self-control my self and the most important one is to take time to think before speaking or acting.

Taking a few moments to collect my thoughts before saying anything and allow others involved in the situation to do the same, once I get calmed I try to express my anger and build constructive communication for solutions, instead of focusing on what made me mad, I always try to work on resolving the issue.

So usually when I get mad I take a timeout I give myself a break. Sit away from others. In this quiet time, I would be able to avoid bad reactions and try to build a solution for my issue.




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alaa mekki

alaa mekki

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